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TMF began as a small company hosting music festivals just over 15 years ago. That company has grown exponentially over the past few years, sending over 7,000 travelers on tours worldwide in 2016. TMF is honored to now be serving not just music groups, but dance groups, theater groups, ROTC groups, senior class trips and even adult travel groups all over the United States, Europe and South America. Our sales staff and account representatives are widely experienced in education and group travel.

Why Travel TMF? It's your Trip, Your Way!

If group travel is in your future, TMF realizes you have many options from which to choose. Let’s face it, most travel companies provide the same services to its customers, so what makes TMF the BEST choice for you and your group?

TMF has been in business for 15+ years and has grown steadily each year since its inception. Staffing our offices are current or retired teachers and administrators who have experience traveling with student groups to numerous destinations around the world!

Each group will have a personal sales and account representative working closely with them throughout the planning process to provide guidance and allow input to customize your itinerary.

Here’s another reason TMF is the right choice for you…We offer the BEST travel packages with the guaranteed BEST price “apples to apples” across the board. This allows for more of your students to afford a once-in- a-lifetime travel experience.

All of this and so much more at the BEST price! What’s to think about? Give us a call today!



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